PREARFER – Prédios e Armações de Ferro
  • Construction 80%
  • Acquisition 40%
  • Sales 70%

Founded in 1971

The company was co-founded in 1971 by Rodrigo Augusto de Carvalho Santos e Virgínia Alves da Silva Santos. PREARFER-Prédios e Armações de Ferro, Lda, was established with the purpose of dealing with Construction, in the field of Iron Frameworks, as well as buildings, acquisition, sale, allotments and resale of real estate.

Maximum number of employees

Business Areas and History

In the beginning we were almost exclusively focused on dealing with iron frameworks in large public and private projects all over the country. During two decades of great expansion we achieved the number of 700 employees at our service.

Our two major and last works in this area were the headquarters of Caixa Geral de Depósitos and Centro Cultural de Belém. In recent years, we have been focused on the construction of high quality buildings in well-liked places and direct sale of the apartments.